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Our College motto, "Be The Best That You Can Be", encourages our staff, students, and College community to aim to achieve their full potential in all of their endeavours. As a Year 7 student at Wheelers Hill, you’ll have access to a tremendous range of opportunities specifically designed to help you achieve success - to be the very best that you can be.

Later this year, you and your family will have the opportunity to learn more about the programs and subjects you’ll participate in as a Year 7 student at Wheelers Hill Secondary Collage. Until then, future students and families can find more information about what their first year of high school will involve, what activities they can look forward to, and how they'll be welcomed to the Wheelers Hill community.

Welcome, Year 7 students of 2021!

Congratulations on securing your place at Wheelers Hill Secondary College! We can't wait to meet you!

You are part of the 41st class of Year 7 students to enrol at Wheelers Hill Secondary College - a historic milestone for our College, and one we’re proud to make you a part of! Since 1980, Wheelers Hill has had a fine tradition of academic excellence, a breadth of programs and opportunities, outstanding facilities, and a vibrant community of parents, students and teachers who are committed to the best possible outcomes for all.

The updated College Tour Pack contains information about subjects and programs that new students may find interesting! Be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

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The transition from primary to secondary school is a huge step for both students and their families. Our Transition Program is designed to help all students adapt to the challenges of secondary school and provide them with the skills necessary to succeed in higher Year levels. This includes developing good study habits and building foundational skills in problem solving, time management, research, comprehension, and physical activity.


Extension and enrichment is provided in both Numeracy and Literacy, and students have the opportunity to challenge themselves across a wide range of co-curricular activities, including participation in the College Sports Carnivals, region and state-level sporting competitions, the annual College Production, and the Student Representative Council.

As a school that values respect, excellence, and creativity, Wheelers Hill Secondary College strives to develop students who are capable of being global citizens. Our students and staff are encouraged to seek creative and innovative solutions to problems, and our students leave us ready to embrace the future, with all the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing world. To ensure this, our school practices revolve around these three key values: Respect, excellence, and creativity.

Student Wellbeing is a priority of the College, and we provide a system of support (including Classroom and Home Group Teachers, Year Level Coordinators, and Sub-School Leaders) to ensure that all students receive the care and attention they need. We adopt a proactive approach to supporting student Wellbeing, with many workshops, presentations, and other initiatives held throughout the year, and parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child's wellbeing and development.

Transition To High School

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Year 7 Programs

As a Year 7 at Wheelers Hill, you'll be able to participate in a number of programs and activities designed to test your skills, develop new abilities, and provide you with a strong foundation for learning at a secondary school level. Below are just a few of the fantastic programs you'll be part of in your first year at Wheelers Hill Secondary College!

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Below is an example of what your timetable will look like in 2021!

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Your School Day At Wheelers

Your subject classes will be spread across your timetable, and each day could include a mixture of creative, physical, practical, and academic subjects!


Remember to check your timetable regularly to ensure you bring the right things to school, like your sports uniform or science textbooks!

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Home Group



Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 1 is your first class of the day. Each period at Wheelers Hill runs for 72 minutes, and it's important you arrive to your first class ready and well-rested, with all your correct books and equipment!

Periods 2 and 3 run back-to-back. This means there's only a short break between them to return / collect books and equipment from your locker, and travel to your next class's location.

This is why it's important that you have a good snack at Recess, to avoid getting too hungry between classes!

Period 4 is the last class of the day. After this class concludes, you'll be able to collect your bag from your locker, and head home! Don't forget to take your textbooks home if you have homework!

Home Group is an opportunity to check-in with friends and your home-group teacher before the day begins.

Recess runs for 24 minutes and is your chance to take a break, have a snack, and prepare for Period 2!

Recess runs for 48 minutes and is your chance to have lunch, chat with friends, and engage in school activities!

Booklists & Uniforms

There are a number of special textbooks and materials required for each of your subjects. Some of these, such as English set texts may be available to borrow from the College library, but others, such as textbooks, must be bought (either new or second hand, depending on the subject).


Additionally, you are required to wear the appropriate College uniform each day at school or, in the case of the sports uniform, whenever you have a scheduled PE class. More information about booklists and uniform requirements will be provided at the 2021 Year 7 Welcome event later in Term 4.



Take the plunge in the House Swimming and Diving Carnival, or cheer on your House from the grand stand!

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Program & Activity Video Gallery

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Sports Program

Student Agency

Year 7 students have the opportunity to be involved in the School Sport Victoria Interschool Sport Program. Events include schoolwide events such as the College Swimming and Diving Carnival, the College Athletics Carnival, and the Monash Division Cross Country. Students can also join a team sport that competes in the Monash Division Round Robin Day, with sports including tennis, baseball, softball, cricket, volleyball, netball, soccer, AFL, badminton, basketball, hockey, and table tennis.


All team and individual sport competitors have the opportunity to qualify for the Eastern Metropolitan Region and then State level Championships. In addition to these events, students are supported and encouraged to pursue excellence within their individual sports, including being involved in State Team selection and representation.

Students in Year 7 are able to be involved in a huge range of activities to improve their agency and engagement. The College has a robust Student Voice Program designed to encourage student leadership and agency within the school. Members of the Student Voice and SRC program assist with organising school events, raising funds for charities and social service organisations, and contributing to the decision-making process regarding College-wide policies and activities.


Students across all Year levels are able to attend a variety of tours, conducted both nationally and internationally, including a tour of Central Australia, the continental USA (as part of “G’day USA”), and locations such as Vietnam, Borneo, Cambodia and Thailand as part of the World Challenge expedition. The College also provides cultural tours to France, New Caledonia, and Malaysia to immerse our students in their language studies and build their cultural awareness.

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Stay In Touch!

The best way to prepare for your first year at Wheelers Hill is to check out our social media pages and our College Newsletter! Both contain updates and information for our College community, including examples of student excellence, initiatives, activities, and events! You can subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and read our Newsletter digitally on your device in multiple languages!


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Music Program

As part of Classroom Music, students have the chance to learn an instrument and build their aural and performance skills, and can choose to take to the stage as part of a showcase presented to the wider school community. Students who wish to learn an instrument at an advanced level can do so in one-on-one classes with an instrumental tutor, or can learn at their own pace as part of one of the school’s many ensembles and choirs.

Students who wish to learn an instrument in 2021 should download and complete the Instrumental Music Program Enrolment form ASAP to secure their place in this exciting program!

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