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There's a strong focus on Visual Arts at Wheelers Hill Secondary College, which makes a lot of sense - "Creativity" is one of our

Stretch Your Creative

Wings With Visual Art!

"Visual arts subjects like photography, media, and studio art help students learn new ways to look at the world and expand their ability to creatively approach problems!"

Mr. Khairi Razaai

Domain Leader

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three central values! We value creative thinking, and students have the chance to explore their creativity in a variety of subjects, school-wide events, and co-curricular activities. Students explore the fundamentals of painting and drawing, experiment with digital media and editing software, and even try their hands at making their own blockbuster movies! In later Year Levels, students can elect to pursue areas of specialisation, including Media Studies, Photography, Visual Communication and Design, and Studio Art. Each year, the annual Art & Design Exhibition collects together student work from all Visual Arts subjects, allowing students to display their work for family, friends, and members of the community. Students can also participate in the College Production as a member of the Design Internship Program, and receive design mentorship.

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Visual Arts

Can you put these amazing student artworks back together?

Digital Puzzles:

Mural 9
Mural 8
Mural 7
Mural 6
Mural 5
Mural 4
Mural 3
Mural 2
Mural 1
Garden 9
Garden 8
Garden 7
Garden 3
Garden 4
Garden 5
Garden 6
Garden 2
Garden 1
Flamingo 9
Flamingo 8
Flamingo 7
Flamingo 5
Flamingo 6
Flamingo 3
Flamingo 1
Flamingo 4
Flamingo 2

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