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Home Olympics

Keep active at home by holding your very own Indoor Olympics using household objects, members of your family, and even your pet!

Inspired by the games of the Ancient Greeks, the modern Olympic Games were first held in Athens in 1896. Held every four years, the Olympics are celebrations of athleticism and sporting prowess on a global scale, with over 200 nations regularly competing for gold, silver, and bronze in dozens of different sports. The success of the Olympics (known as the Summer Games) lead to the creation of the Winter Olympics (focusing on snow-based events such as skiing and sledding), the Paralympic Games (for athletes with disabilities), and the Youth Olympic Games (for athletes 14 to 18 years old).


game #3

vacuum figure skating

Clear the living room, and using your vacuum and your fave music track, create a vacuuming routine! Score points for poses and shapes, but lose points for crossing the power cord!

game #2

Pillow gymnastics

Cover the floor with sofa pillows and using your favourite high-energy music, create a 2 minute gymnastics routine! Score points for dance moves, jumping-jacks, and forward rolls!

Paper Plate Discus

Stand at the end of your home's longest hallway, and using an under-arm or side throw, toss a paper plate as far down the hall as you can! Score points for the furthest throw!

game #1



Every Olympics needs a mascot! Recruit your pet (or create your dream pet) to be our mascot, and design a name and costume for them!

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Students in Year 7 have five Health and Physical Education lessons across the two-week timetable. In PE classes, students are exposed

Go For Gold With

Physical Education!

"Sports and Physical Education subjects are not only great for your health, but help you make friends, build up your confidence, and work as part of a team!"

Ms. Chloe Louden

Domain Leader

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to and learn a variety of skills, rules and movement patterns through our Fundamental Motor Skills Program. In this program, students develop and refine specialised movement skills and apply them in a variety of sports and games. In Health, students evaluate and analyse the benefits of positive relationships, respecting diversity, health, and wellbeing. Students develop a range of strategies to take positive action towards enhancing their health, safety, and wellbeing. Year 7 students are given the opportunity to be involved in the School Sport Victoria Inter-school Sport Program, including events such as the College Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, and Monash Division Cross Country. Students can also present the College in Regional and State Championships with team sports including tennis, baseball, cricket, AFL, basketball, and more!

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Physical Education

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