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Performing Arts can give you the confidence and skills to think creatively, build up your courage, and tackle any challenge head on!

Take Centre Stage With

the Performing Arts!

"Whether you have a love of music, acting, singing, or dancing, Performing Arts studies can help you take centre stage both at school, and in the future!"

Mr. David Gill

Domain Leader

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In Year 7 Drama, students explore their imaginations and build their problem-solving skills through mime, scripting, and improvisation. Work with a team to create riotous comedies, tear-jerking tragedies, and learn how to evaluate your work and develop your Creative Process. As part of Classroom Music, students have the chance to learn an instrument and build their aural and performance skills, and can even choose to take to the stage as part of a mini showcase to the wider school community! All students from Year 7 onwards can participate in the College Production, which brings students from all Year Levels together to rehearse and perform a major musical work – from “Beauty and the Beast”, to “Mary Poppins”, to “Singin’ in the Rain”! Whatever role you want to play, Performing Arts can help you shine in the spotlight!

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Performing Arts

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Dress up as a Super Villain using items from around your house, and

perform your Evil Laugh

for your family!

Create a

Secret Handshake

with every member of

your family!

Create a Drum Beat using objects around the house,

and invite your family to join you for an

improvised concert! 

You are a Music

Megastar! Set up your stage, get dressed in your coolest music star outfit,

then throw the concert

of a lifetime in your

living room!

Recreate a Scene from a famous movie using LEGO, Transformers, plasticine, cardboard puppets, or any of your toys!

Write a Rhyming Rap Verse where you introduce your DJ Name and your favourite food, colour,

and animal!

You have been shipwrecked on the sofa and the buried treasure is in the kitchen! How do you get there without touching the floor, which is now an ocean full of sharks!   

Dress up as an Alien From Outer Space using items from around your house,

then greet the members of your family with your secret alien language!

Perform a quote from your favourite movie character and see if your family can guess who you are!

Performance Bingo

how many characters, scenes, and performances can you create?










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