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Frequently Asked


If you've got questions, then we've got answers! This page collects some of our most commonly asked questions, but if you can't find what you're looking for, visit our College website for more information.

What is our Purpose?

As a school that values respect, excellence and creativity, Wheelers Hill Secondary College strives to develop students who are ready to embrace the future and capable of being global citizens. We encourage members of our College community to be the best that they can be in all of their endeavours.

What are our Values?

Our College is built around three key values:

  • Respect: We promote respectful, inclusive and positive relationships. Our students and staff act with integrity and value diversity.

  • Excellence: We provide opportunities to demonstrate excellence in all areas of learning and teaching by adopting a focused and committed approach.

  • Creativity: We have developed a creative approach to learning and teaching. Our students and staff are encouraged to seek innovative solutions to problems.

What are our NAPLAN and VCE Results?

In previous years, our student results in NAPLAN and VCE have been better than state average, comparable with all of our local state schools and national expectations. A two-year comparison of our Year 12 student VTAC outcomes illustrates a positive trend towards the number of students who are successful in receiving tertiary offers. Over 88% of students in 2019 received a tertiary offer, including an increased number of students who received more than one offer and a decrease in the number of students without an offer.

What is our approach to Student Wellbeing?

At Wheelers Hill, we have a Student Wellbeing framework in place that supports all students at every Year level. We provide a system of support, ranging from Classroom and Home Group Teachers, to Year Level Coordinators and Sub-School Leaders. We adopt a proactive approach to support Student Wellbeing, with many workshops, presentations, and other initiatives used throughout the year to address student needs.

Do you have a Transition Program to support incoming Year 6 students?

We have an extensive Transition Program that supports Year 6 students and their families. Our Year 6 into 7 Transition Program consists of: Regular primary school visits and regular contact with many feeder primary schools and their staff; ongoing communications with families; visits by primary school students to our College; Small School and Statewide Orientation Days; family transition activities; Year 7 Camp as part of a student Transition Program; a Peer Support Program; and well as other events and activities.

Does the school offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer six $500 scholarships in the following areas: Sports, Leadership/Community, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Instrumental Music, and Academic.

What is the Extension & Enrichment (or E&E) Program?

Our Extension & Enrichment (E&E) Program enhances students in their study of English and Maths in Year7 and 8 by providing additional support and challenge from expert teachers in small class groups.

What Languages does the school offer?

In 2020, we offer Mandarin and French.

What sorts of Student Programs are on offer at the school?

We offer a variety of Student Programs in Leadership, Sport, Visual Art and Performing Arts, Community Connections and Pathways Activities, Student Clubs, Groups and Competitions. Student Voice is also an important part of our College.

Does the College offer a wide range of subjects in the VCE?

Yes, we offer plenty of choice when it comes to subject selection in the VCE for our students. A full range of subjects offered in 2021 can be found on our College website. We are able to create smaller class sizes at VCE level to allow students better opportunities to access the subjects they want to study.

What is our approach to Student Pathways?

The College has a Pathways or Careers framework in place to support our students. We offer pathways guidance and activities at each of our Year levels. We have a Careers Leader and dedicated website to further support students as they embark on their pathways journey from one year to the next.

Does the school have the capacity to further increase its enrolments?

Yes, we do have the capacity to further increase our enrolments at the College. Many families already access our College from outside our local area. Our spacious and well-maintained grounds and facilities also allow us to further build our enrolments.