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If your child has a passion for design – be it large or small, handmade or computer generated – then Design Technology is the

Put Your Puzzle Solving

Skills To The Test!

"Design Technology can lead to careers in a huge number of pathways, from engineering, to computer programming, to food science!"

Mr. Pedro Mello

Domain Leader

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subject for them! Explore new technologies and materials, discover engineering and construction techniques, and investigate the way that computers have revolutionised the way we design, build, and test! With subjects dissecting the architectural wonder of the Tower of Hanoi, investigating the metalwork in Ned Kelly’s armour, and designing their very own app and website, students are introduced to a wide range of activities that challenge their problem solving skills and develop their technical literacy. In later Year Levels, students have the opportunity to visit the fantastic facilities at the Monash Tech School and further their studies in Design Technology alongside complimentary subjects such as Visual Communication and Design, Information Technology, Science Studies, and apprenticeships through VCAL.


Design Technology

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What is STEM? Why is it important?

STEM stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics", and involves a range of different subjects and learning areas. STEM skills are

important for developing your problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork

skills, and independent learning. With new technologies constantly being

created and used across all industries and workplaces, having strong

STEM skills can help give students the abilities they'll need in the future!

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You don't need a laboratory to stretch your STEM skills!

STEM At Home!

Try following the steps in this video to create your

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own robotic arm out of household items!

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